Keyword Research Basics And Common Terms

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Keyword research is the process by which you determine if your assumptions about which keywords your target market uses to find your products are services are true while discovering new keywords along the way that can explode your website traffic … Read More

Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

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During your keyword research, you’ve likely come across some terms that you just don’t understand like “Long tail keywords”, but first let’s talk about where you get various types of keywords.  The Market – What are the keywords and keyword … Read More

How To Make Your Sites Sticky

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Many internet marketers have no trouble getting visitors. The problem is usually keeping them on the site or having them come back. What’s the solution? Here are 5 strategies to make your site more “sticky”: #1)— Don’t be boring This … Read More

How To Find Niches That Get Traffic

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Your niche research will be the difference between making and losing money — that goes for both offline and online. This is a skill that you MUST develop if you want to be profitable. How can you spot a potential … Read More

Why You Have To Study Your Competitors

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With hundreds of thousands of websites, companies, and blogs, competition today is fierce – especially on the internet. The internet and most especially social media are responsible for creating waves of interest. With that in mind, it is important to … Read More

Top 10 Blogging Tips For 2014

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Tip #1 – Focus On Publishing Quality Content New bloggers will often post something on their blog just for the sake of saying they posted something. This is never a good idea. When you make a post make sure it … Read More

FAQ About PLR Products

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What is PLR? PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR products are offered in many different forms, including, articles, posts for blogs, software, videos, audio files, eBooks, special reports, slideshows, biz in a box products and niche blogs and sites. … Read More