Alternative Natural Therapies For Anxiety Multi PLR Pack


Natural, and complementary therapies for anxiety PLR pack with editable video, 2 editable infographics, viral images, 18 images, and 10 long articles.


Alt Med For Anxiety PLRThis PLR pack is about all natural, alternative and complementary therapies for anxiety to promote sound emotional health and wellbeing!


2 Editable Infographics

1 Editable Video

20 Editable Viral Images

18 Related Images

10 Articles


2 Infographics:

7 Natural Ways To Calm Anxiety
– 8 Images Used In Infographic Provided Separately
(PNG and Editable Powerpoint files)

Herbs That Calm And Alleviate Anxiety
– 10 Images Used In Infographic Provided Separately
(PNG and Editable Powerpoint files)

1 Editable Video:

Healing Affirmations For Anxiety
High Definition .MOV Video Format
– Editable Powerpoint File
– Royalty Free Music

20 Editable Viral Images:

Topic: Healing Positive Affirmations For Anxiety
(PNG and Editable Powerpoint files)

10 Articles:

Herbal And Natural Complementary Therapy Approaches For Anxiety – 1425 Words
7 Natural Ways To Calm Anxiety – 997 Words
– The Best Exercise To Alleviate Anxiety – 751 Words
– Conventional Medicine Versus Holistic Approaches To AnxieAnxiety-ty Problems – 856 Words
– How Yoga Can Help Reduce Anxiety Levels – 725 Words
– Using Meditation To Treat Anxiety – 728 Words
– Acupuncture For The Treatment Of Anxiety – 764 Words
– Is Your Diet Contributing To Your Anxiety? Worst And Best Foods For Anxiety – 710 Words
– How Tai Chi And Qi Gong Can Help Anxiety – 641 Words
– Best Herbal Teas For Anxiety – 684 Words
(Word and Text formats)

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