How To Drive More Visitors To Your Website

Effective content marketing is one of the best ways to get more visitors to visit your website. After all, just because you have a great-looking website and found your own niche, doesn’t mean that visitors will start flocking in. Although it will take some time and patience, there is much you can do to increase the amount of traffic your website gets.

First of all, the advantages of boosting visitor numbers on your website can’t be overemphasized enough. More visitors generally mean an increase in revenue and online sales. You may also benefit from an increase in visitor numbers if you have ads on your site.
What can you do to drive more visitors to your website using content marketing? In this article, you will learn 3 ways to boost the number of hits your website gets.

SEO and Content Marketing for More Visitors

Search Engine Organization (SEO) is still the cornerstone of good content marketing. If you get your on-page factors right, you should start to see a steady stream of more and more visitors.
SEO gives your content a framework that is easy for the search engine algorithms to recognize. This means that whatever you write should be designed for both real-time visitors and search engines.
What are the main factors you should keep in mind for your content marketing strategies to pay off?

First of all, focus on a main keyword phrase (long-tail keyword) that has a good number of searches but low competition. You then need to come up with a list of related phrases that you will include naturally in your text.
Your article or blog post should be structured using a title, paragraph headings, and other subheadings. These should also include some of your main long-tail keywords to be effective.

Create a Blog on Your Website if You Want More Visitors

One of the reasons why having a blog on your website will increase your visitor numbers is that your website always has fresh content.

It is important to note that Google pays attention to fresh content posted on websites. Studies have shown that websites that frequently post content tend to do better on the search engine results (
While it may not be possible to always come up with completely new ideas in your industry, you can post content from your unique point of view. You can also use blog posts to answer questions that people are searching for. You never know, your blog post may start to feature on Google Snippets which will increase the click-through rate to your website.

Ideas For Posts

  • Keyword research to find what people are looking for in your niche
  • Lists: Top 10, Top 100, Top 50 are always popular
  • XX Reasons To
  • XX Reasons Not To
  • Any lists relevant to your niche
  • How To…
  • List of Hacks (relevant to your niche)
  • Use questions on relevant forums for post ideas
  • FAQ’s
  • Ultimate Guide To…
  • Effective Strategies For…
  • XXXXX Step By Step
  • Top 10 Inspirations For…
  • List of quotes relevant to your niche

CoSchedule created a fantastic post that lists 189 ideas for blog posts –

How many blog posts should you post to drive traffic to your website? According to some research, you should post around 4 posts every week, or, 16 posts a month. Companies that posted this number of blogs saw their traffic increase 3.5 times (

Post High-Quality Content to Increase Inbound Traffic

One of the best ways to get more visitors to your website and boost the number of sales you make is to publish original, quality content.

Gone are the days when you could quickly add some crappy content and get away with it. Posting high-quality, original content is also a safeguard against any future algorithm changes that focus on quality content.

High-quality content on your website also includes posting information that is relevant, won’t go out of date, free from grammatical errors, and answers real people’s questions. This is where keyword research can really help and give you lots of ideas.
To really make your content stand out, include relevant visual content that includes inspiring pictures or interesting videos.

According to some studies, infographics can increase your website traffic by 12% and engaging videos on a landing page can increase the click-through rate by over 80% (

If you implement these 3 easy steps when creating content for your website, you will soon see a steady increase in visitors.

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  1. Patrick Foster
    | Reply

    Thank you JR! I was aware about the long tail keywords, but it was also informative about spreading out other keywords naturally in the content. This was a very helpful post!

  2. Steve Hearn
    | Reply

    Hi JR, some great advice and food for thought on creating a decent blog. Just started one (finally took action), only 4 posts so far, goal is one per day for the foreseeable future. (Plan A:-)

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