Top Document Sharing Sites | Get Exposure For Your Site And Brand

Document sharing sites allow you to upload PDFs and sometimes other types of documents for brand awareness, and traffic back to your sites.

Best Practices And Uses Of Document Sharing Sites

  • Create a profile and find and follow others that have your interests.
  • These are great venues to network with others who upload content in your niche. This can be a great asset in growing your brand.
    Aim for quality at all times. Do not upload crappy content, make sure it is valuable and preferably unique. Use PLR to save loads of time and create a unique piece using articles or parts of eBooks and reports.
  • Think of adding value to readers and this will help you establish your authority and hopefully get people back to your sites and blogs to grow your audience.
  • Of course, make sure you have an email list opt-in form ready on your site with a great incentive to sign up, like a report from a PLR package that you have branded and made your own and you will grow your list.

Top Document Sharing Sites

Slideshare –

Scribd –

Issuu –

AuthorStream –

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