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Here are some of my favorite resources and free tools for websites, blogs and marketing, many of these are free and really make life easier, I believe in working smarter not harder, that is one of the keys to success.

Awesome PLR Resources

These are the best PLR vendors on the web. I have bought countless PLR from these folks to use on my sites and to build my lists and I can tell you that they never disappoint.

Content Shortcuts – Ruth of Net PLR is one of the most high quality writers on the web, she offers various packs in all niches on her site. Her packs are so incredible, and you get product reviews, articles and big fat reports with each monthly delivery based on that month’s topic and she also throws in relevant keyword research and Amazon ASIN numbers for easy product location for Amazon affiliates. These are so affordable for the amount of content you get that it is just a no brainer.

PLR Mini Mart – Tiffany Dow is well known in the PLR niche and offers great articles, eBooks and big fat reports at really cheap prices.

Kitchen Bloggers – High quality everything kitchen and food content from Trish Lindemood.

Master PLR – Excellent content in health niches from Susan Odea.

All Private Label Content – Since 2006 Alice Seba has been providing great PLR in various niches.

Original Content Resources

If you can afford it you can purchase quality original and sold only to you articles for your site from these resources I personally use and recommend:

  • 101 Content – Dan’s service is fantastic and very affordable at $1 for 100 words and sales letters at $18. He offers very high quality articles, product reviews and sales pages that convert. I have ordered more than 50 articles and they were all great. $5 for 500 words is not too bad for the quality he offers.
  • 99 Cent Articles – This is a premier writing service that offers tons of different packages for all your article needs. The quality of writing is really excellent no matter the subject matter. They also offer many different site promotion packages like writing and submitting to various article directories.
  • Textbroker – Textbroker has been around for a long time and there are lots of writers at Textbroker available to pick up your orders and different pricing models based on the quality of the writers.The good thing about this content provider is that articles are usually delivered really fast because there are so many writers in there picking up work 24/7

Content Management – Spinning

I have a lot of affiliate marketing sites, over 65 to date, I think, :-). Managing content for so many sites can be a challenge, which is why I purchase a lot of PLR and know the value of it, one of the reasons I started my site Internet Slayers PLR.

The Best Spinner is an invaluable tool that I use to make my content unique.

One way that I use the Best Spinner is to make PLR unique. No, I do not turn out unreadable spun garbage, I use the manual spinning method that gives me all possible synonyms in a convenient drop down menu.

The Best Spinner, like anything else online, is a tool that when used correctly can save loads of time. I always say work smarter not harder.

It’s packed with features and you can see it in action here.

Marketing Forums

Great places to learn and get information and support for your online business.

JL Forums Internet Marketing Talk

Webmaster World

Auto Responder And List Building

I use GetResponse to manage email subscribers and as an auto responder service. I am very happy with GetResponse as far as performance and support and their prices are affordable even for the very small business owner.

Duplicate Content Checker


This is another great free tool for webmasters and bloggers who are tired of paying for credits for a Premium Copyscape account. They do have limits on free searches per day, but there are plenty for the average user.

Best Web Hosting

While I used to recommend Hostgator, I no longer do because since they were sold to a big corporation, their support is non-existent and the servers are very slow.

HostForWeb (

This is a great host that I have used for several years. They have nearly zero downtime, and great customer support, they are also cheaper than Hostgator and offer several great special deals throughout the year.

Liquid Web is an excellent choice if you are looking for a dedicated server.

E-Commerce Plugin For WordPress

The free plugin I use on is WooCommerce and  it’s feature packed. They also offer various paid extensions to make it more functional for certain needs. And, there are some free add ons created for it by various developers that make it much more useful.

Free Graphics Tools

Online Logo Maker

This is one of my most favorite free webmaster tools and it is a very cool free online logo maker. Make logos, banners, even quick on the go unique images for blog posts. They offer lots of different symbols and graphics that you can tweak with your own colors, upload your own images and create text with various fonts, and colors. And, unlike other complicated graphics software it has a very user friendly dashboard and it’s very easy to learn. Very cool!


Gimp is the ultimate free graphics editor. Edit images, create banners, logos, graphics and anything else with this free online tool for marketers.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest all help to spread the word about your site, services and/or products. It’s also a fact that Google now considers social signals, like those from the sites above in their ranking algorithm.

There are sites where you can go and post your content to get more social media exposure, and in turn you send other member’s content to your social sites. These are free when you share back or you can pay for credits and then no submission back is required.

The best ones to create social buzz:

Create social media buss for your content. There are some heavy hitters there with thousands of followers, so when they tweet or share your posts it’s powerful.

Another point based system where users allocate how much they will offer for each share on various networks, and then you can use those points for your own submissions. You can also buy points if you wish.

Website/Blog Related Free Webmaster Tools

The absolute best blogging and CMS platform and it’s absolutely free!

The best free FTP file upload program that is 100% free!

Uptime Robot

Free alerts to your email when your sites are down, must have for all webmasters.

Is Site Down Only for Me?

This one is another doozy that let’s you check if your site is down for everyone, or just for you. Often this can happen when hosting server security blocks your IP, or your cache is not cleared from a previous issue and you think the site is still down for everyone when it’s just for you.

URL Opener

URL Opener is a fantastic free tool that lets you enter as many web urls as you want on their site and then it opens all of them simultaneously in different tabs on your browser.

Real Page Rank Checker

For quick page rank checks.

Bulk Page Rank Check Tool

This one is great to check page rank for multiple url’s at once.

SEO Quake Add On For Web Browsers

Seo Quake is a free tool for marketers that provides essential data about any sites you visit, including your own. A toolbar is added to Firefox that shows, page rank, site Age, Alexa rank, WHOIS, pages indexed in Google and a lot more for any site loaded into the browser.

Browser Shots

Another essential free tool for webmasters and marketers that takes screenshots of how your site looks in more than 200 browsers worldwide. This is important analysis to make sure your site loads and looks correctly in a wide range of browsers.

Majestic SEO Backlink Analysis Tool

This is another great free tool for webmasters to analyze you site’s backlink profile, and authority. A comprehensive feature packed tool that offers intensive analysis and information about links to your site.

File Editing

Open Office

Why pay for Microsoft Office when there is the absolutely free open source Open Office suite of products that matches Microsoft, including, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Datab program and more.

Coffee Cup Free HTML Editor

This is an excellent product for editing HTML pages such as squeeze and sales pages.

Outsourcing And Virtual Assistants

Miscellaneous Free Webmaster Tools

Memo To Me

A very cool free reminder service where you set up email alerts for whatever you want. For example, you want a reminder of writing a blog post 3 times per week, just set it up in your account and you will get an email reminder as often as you wish.

What Is My IP?

Quickly identify your IP address.

Last Pass Password Manager

If you are like me you probably have login data for hundreds of sites, and who can keep track of so many passwords?

LastPass can!

It’s a great free tool that stores all your login data with government grade encryption and security.

Easy logins are just an install away!


While I do recommend the resources listed below, I cannot accept any responsibility for any purchases you make from them, or any business you conduct with them.

Some of these are affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission should you choose to purchase a product. But, as anyone who knows me will tell you, my reputation means more to me than money and I only recommend products and services I respect, find useful and actually use myself.

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  1. Janine
    | Reply

    Hi, JR,
    thanks for all the value of your packages. After starting out with PLR just recently, i soon recognized, that i need more images and videos, than most of the PLR sellers provide. I bought some of yours,..and here they are..:-)…great stuff and easy to use. I´m glad i found your toolbox too, just because there are some tools i never even heard of. Greetings from germany – Janine

    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      Hi Janine,
      Thank you, I am glad that you love the packs, it always makes me feel good to hear positive feedback, stand by for a lot more.

    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      Thank you so much Janine, I appreciate your comments

  2. Adria Garcia
    | Reply

    While I love the content and everything you do here, I really wish you had pictures with the recipes.

  3. 3bheal
    | Reply

    I thank you so much from the whole of my heart for the extensive and thoroughly put together content you gave to us. Sending love and more success to you.

    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      Thank you!

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