What Is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR content is a package of content that is sold to multiple people and gives you the rights to use content written by someone else and put your name on it. The specific rights will differ slightly from seller to seller.

PLR products are offered in many different forms, including, articles, posts for blogs, software, videos, audio files, eBooks, special reports, workbooks, biz in a box products and niche blogs and sites.

Although the term “PLR” is commonly used to describe a wide range of content, in its strictest sense, private label rights means that you have the right to change the content and edit in any you wish, add your name as the author, use it on your sites, send to your email lists and resell parts of it with personal use rights for profit.

For example, in my PLR package – Ignite Your Personal Power – There is an eBook, and I provide a sales page, so you can sell that ebook to your audience, you can also edit it, rename it, change the covers and customize the sales materials to suit your needs and then keep 100% of the profits.

Key Benefits Of PLR

PLR is a wise use of your time and money. Save days of time, work and a lot of money on outsourcing. Instead of spending thousands on custom content, with high quality PLR all the research is done for you, and you get unlimited possibilities in putting it to use and establishing yourself as an expert and authority in your niche.

This helps you to quickly and economically get a lot of value in front of you audience, which helps build relationships, places trust in your knowledge and believe that word will spread about you and all that you offer.

My giant packages here at Internet Slayers PLR offer you a lot of diverse and editable content including written, videos and graphical that would cost you thousands of dollars to outsource and days of research and work time should you do it yourself.

Use the content as the basis for your own creations (all the research has been done for you)

Edit, brand and create your own products for your own audience

Use PLR to get traffic to your sites70 Ways to Get Traffic To Your Site With PLR

Use to create your own online courses and sell on Online Course Platforms

Use on paid membership sites

Educate your clients, web visitors and blog subscribers

Establish yourself as an authority in the niche

Quickly create loads of unique content

Create an entire site with all the content: For business sites, health coaching, self-improvement, health and wellness and self-help blogs and affiliate marketing sites

Translate PLR Content to draw in visitors from other countries

Start Making Money Faster – When you save time, you can focus on other parts of building your business, which allows you start making profit sooner.

Build Multiple Revenue Streams – this is key in case one should start to falter. With PLR you can launch a number of revenue streams quickly and efficiently.

Give The Content To Your Affiliates to use to promote your products and services.

And much much more Checkout the How To Use PLR Roadmap

What Type of Content Is Offered At Internet Slayers?

I offer many different packs on many different subjects. Since I have over 11 years of experience in Internet Marketing, I know what marketers need and I understand niche markets.

I offer content that can be used on your sites, blogs, for promotion of such and also my mega packs, which are packs loaded with all types of goodies that can be sold, given away to your list, used to build lists by giving it away, used as site content, for blog posts and in many other ways.

The article packs are based on keyword research and topics that many people are looking for, so they will bring you the optimal amount of targeted traffic.

The Giant PLR Packs include eBooks, reports, infographics, viral images, image collages, images, Tweets, articles, videos, workbooks, challenges, checklists and more.

As you browse my site you will see a detailed description of what is included with each pack.

What Are The PLR License Rights For Products On Internet Slayers?

[YES] Can be edited in any way.
[YES] Can be branded and sold ONLY with personal rights BUT not as an entire package. For example, you can sell an eBook with personal use rights.
[YES] Can give away parts for free to your lists, subscribers or use as bonuses (with personal use rights).
[YES] Can put your name as the author.
[YES] Can be used as eCourse and webinar material.
[YES] Can be published on your websites and blogs.
[YES] Can be added to membership sites for personal information uses.
[YES] Can be packaged with other personal use products.
[YES] Can be used on article marketing sites, i.e. Ezine Articles.
[YES] Can be translated to other languages.
[NO] Cannot resell the pack in its entirety.
[NO] Cannot give, sell or pass any of the Editable Source Files to others.
[NO] Cannot use my name as author.
[NO] Cannot sell or give away Resale Rights, Master Resale Rights or Private Label Rights.
[NO] Cannot be offered on any sites that’s sole purpose is to sell or giveaway PLR/MRR products.
[NO] Cannot offer through auction websites with PLR rights, Master Resale Rights Or Private Label Rights.

How Can I Use PLR, Won’t Many Others Use It Too?

  • Yes, but I have used PLR for the last six years in my online business and often times people buy who PLR never use it all. It just winds up collecting dust on their hard drive.
  • It is always recommended that you rewrite the content a little to make it unique. This is easy to do, and you will save hundreds of dollars versus buying the same quality content you get here from a Ghostwriter.
  • You will save yourself hours and hours of research because it has all been done for you.
  • eBooks can be sold with personal rights use and many find that a profitable business.
  • All of my giant PLR packs include reports that can be used as opt-in gifts for building email lists on your sites, an invaluable asset that will save you tons of time in research and money in hiring a writer and multiple people using the content is not an issue.
  • Also duplicate content issues do not apply to some of the components of the PLR packs I sell, such as videos, infographics and images.
  • Most all files, including, eBook covers, videos, and infographics come with editable files, so once again you can save hours of time in creation from scratch by editing the PLR, if you so wish, to suit your needs.
  • The content can be used to create videos, slideshows and many different reports, all of which will be unique and save you hours and hours of time and money.

Also, there are a lot of myths about duplicate content on the web.

In reality, the only duplicate content that results in actual penalties from Google is mirror sites, when content is exactly the same across different domain names and on site duplicate content. when there is duplicate content within a site itself.

There is a lot of duplicate content on the web, such as the many news sites that syndicate the same stories.

It is true that Google will rarely list the same exact article in SERP results for the same search term, they usually choose who to rank based on overall site authority. This is why it is important to make written content unique, either by adding some content or rewriting it a bit.

  • When using PLR content for list building and email newsletters duplicate content is not an issue.
  • Smart marketers re-purpose all their content and especially PLR content that can be used in many innovative ways eliminating the worry of who else will use it.
    For example, instead of posting the articles directly to your site you can turn them into videos, no dupe content issues there. The videos can be posted on your site and also used for site promotion on high PR video sites like YouTube and Vimeo.
  • The same can be done with slideshows and posted to the very high PR high traffic media sites like Scribd and Slideshare to get traffic back to your site.
  • Many more ideas to use PLR are listed below.

Do You Offer Refunds?

I guarantee that quality will never be a problem with any content that you buy from my site. I take great pride in over delivering and making sure that my content is well researched, well written and totally useful. Due to the nature of the product and because there is no way to control usage once someone has purchased, no refunds will be given. Of course under special circumstance such as mistaken double purchases or certain tech issues exceptions can be made. If you would like to see a sample of my work, please subscribe to my email list using the form on the home page,(internetslayers.com), and you will receive a lot of Free PLR that I have created for my customers, including articles, reports, videos and infographics.

Tons Of Ideas For Using PLR

Checkout the How To Use PLR Roadmap

12 Responses

  1. Augusta
    | Reply

    Hello JR,

    I wish you would do a PLR product on acid reflux and GERD in pregnant women, I could definitely use it.


  2. Bill
    | Reply

    Any plans to create a PLR product for Black Hair Care??

    Bill –

    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      Hi Bill, it’s possible, though I don’t have any plans as of now

  3. John
    | Reply

    Hey Jr, what about recovery? 20 million afflicted.

  4. john
    | Reply

    Hey Jr, what about articles on Recovery? 20 million afflicted.

    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      I will add it to my list, thank you

  5. Mihaela
    | Reply

    Hi, I’ve noticed that keto ebook has been published in 2017 by an author named Daniel Vincent. Is this the author of the content? If yes, do you have the right to sell his work? I am asking because I have bought the pack and I don’t want to be in copyright breach if I use the content. Thanks

    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      That is one of my customers. This is PLR, so buyers are allowed to use the content and multiple customers buy the same content, this is how PLR works. There is no copyright breach as no buyer of PLR owns the copyright, all the content is created by me and 100% original, so you as the buyer can put your name on it and edit it as you wish. You don’t have to worry about any copyright breach, thank you

  6. pathwayselling
    | Reply

    Hi JR – Thank you for all the training, ideas, and inspiration! Most of all…Thank you for providing awesome content! I just started building a wordpress site and have purchased many of your offerings. I have been editing the PLR and creating posts on my site, and left some things in from the original content. My question is regards to google ranking SEO etc… When adding PLR content on my website blog / page posts … will I be penalized by google for plagiarism or duplicate content and not get ranked if I only do minimum editing to the PLR content? How much editing do you recommend?

    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      Hi! Thank you! Certainly you will not be penalized for plagiarism since that does not apply to PLR. Duplicate content is tricky, I do not believe there is a penalty, consider all the news syndication sites that post the exact same content. But, yes rankings can be affected since Google does like to have variety in their SERPS. I recommend making the content unique, there are many ways to do so that are easier than full rewrites. Check out my post how to make content unique – https://internetslayers.com/how-to-make-plr-content-your-own-and-unique/

      Bet wishes for your new site and I wish you much success.

  7. MJ
    | Reply

    Hi JR,

    I am building a blog that will focus on self-care and personal growth; I have purchased quite a few of your PLR, A and I would like to say “Thank You” for providing PLR and making things easier for busy people like some of us; it does help us a lot by saving time from writing, though I also edit and add some to the original contents from your PLR. Some readers may ask us who or what are our sources of/for the articles. I noticed that most of the items PLRs do not include or provide references to the pieces, especially contents about depression, mindset, self-care, and personal growth. These are pretty sensitive topics and areas of psychology.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • JR Lang
      | Reply

      Not sure which you are referring to but most of my packs provide a lot of references, especially on any health related or medical topics, that is something I pay great attention to

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