Emotional Eating PLR Articles, Infographic, & Video Multi PLR Pack


Emotional eating BIG PLR PACK that includes an editable infographic, editable video, 50 related images and 20 long emotional eating articles.

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Emotional Eating PLREmotional eating is a problem that affects thousands of people and is an important part of the evergreen health and wellness niche. This PLR pack includes high quality and comprehensive content in a variety of mediums.


1 Editable Infographic

1 Editable Video

50 Related Images

20 Long Articles



Overcome Emotional Overating: The Road To Recovery
– PNG and Editable Powerpoint
– 20 Images From Infographic Provided Separately

1 Editable Video:

Healing Emotional Eating: 10 Habits Of Healthy Eaters
– Editable Powerpoint Source File
– 14 Images From Video Provided Separately
– Royalty Free MusicĀ 

16 More Emotional Eating Images

20 Articles:

10 Habits Of Healthy Eaters – 758 Words
10 Unhealthy Eating Habits – 860 Words
– 6 Feelings That Lead To Emotional Eating – 1,750 Words
Self-Assessment Test: Do You Eat For Hunger Or To Stuff Emotions? – 808 Words
Key Coping Skills To Stop Emotional Eating – 844 Words
Healthy Ways To Deal With Emotions That Lead To Overeating – 751 Words
Emotional Overeating: Evaluating Your Coping Skills – 743 Words
Loneliness And Emotional Overeating – 707 Words
The Many Health Risks Of Emotional Overeating – 704 Words
Is Junk Food Your Drug Of Choice? – 734 Words
Natural Relaxation Methods To Curb Stress That Leads To Emotional EatingĀ  – 717 Words
– 6 Blocks To Stopping Emotional Eating – 957 Words
– How Emotional Eating Sabotages Weight Loss Efforts – 860 Words
– How Keeping An Eating Diary Helps Emotional Eaters – 622 Words
– How Positive Affirmations Help Emotional Eating – 802 Words
– 3 Mental Health Treatment Modalities For Emotional Eating – 713 Words
– Emotional Hunger Versus Physical Hunger – 720 Words
– Healthy Ways To Deal With Emotions – 710 Words
– How Yoga Helps Heal Emotional Eating Habits – 751 Words
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