Family Budget Article & Keyword Research Pack


This pack includes 10 informative and detailed how to articles about family budgets and keyword research with a list of the most searched for keywords in the budgeting finances niche.


Budgets and finance are evergreen hot niches that people search for and need information about everyday. This pack of articles offers sound and hands on advice about budgeting money for families. The keyword research pack is loaded with great terms you can target in your campaigns.

What Is Included In The Pack

10 Articles in Word and Text formats
Keyword Research List based on budgeting and personal finance

Article Details And Word Counts

  • Best Tips for Sticking with Your Budget – 534 Words
  • Creative Budgeting 101 – 483 Words
  • Do You Need an Emergency Fund – 427 Words
  • How To Create A Family Budget – 419 Words
  • How To Know If You Need a Family Budget – 470 Words
  • How To Save Money Everyday – 453 Words
  • Keys to a Successful Family Budget – 504
  • Smart Budget Basics – 439
  • Steps to Getting Started With A Budget – 456
  • What Are Effective Family Budgets – 456

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