Natural Remedies For Insomnia Multi PLR Pack


Big Natural Remedies For Insomnia PLR Pack with report, editable infographics, video, images and 120 long quality articles and more.


Natural Remedies For Insomnia PLRInsomnia affects millions of people, and natural remedies are in high demand to circumvent the highly addictive prescription sedative medications given in conventional medicine. This pack includes various content in a variety of mediums to educate your web visitors and clients on this important and in demand topic.


Report: Herbal Remedies For Insomnia

2 Editable Infographics

Yoga For Insomnia Demonstration Video

46 Related Images

12 Long Articles

DVD and Book Covers


13 Page Report

Herbal Remedies For Insomnia (2,080 words)
– Word and Beautifully Formatted PDF
– 8 Covers With Editable Powerpoint
– 13 Images

2 Infographics:

Herbal Treatments For Insomnia
– 13 Images From Infographic Provided Separately
– PNG and Editable Powerpoint

Aromatherapy: Scents That Heal Insomnia
– 20 Images From Infographic Provided Separately
– PNG and Editable Powerpoint formats


6 Yoga Poses For Insomnia Demonstration and Tutorial With Yoga Instructor (13.18 minutes in length, .MOV high definition format)
– Audio voiceover from video provided separately to use as you wish (podcasts) (mp3 format)
– 2 DVD Covers

12 Articles:

– Alternative Medicine For Insomnia – 1,229 Words
– The Dangers Of Addictive Sleep Pharmaceuticals And Looking For Natural Alternatives – 838 Words
– Aromatherapy: Scents That Heal Insomnia – 829 Words
– Relaxation Techniques That Encourage Restful Sleep – 820 Words
– What Types Of Exercise Can Help Insomnia – 870 Words
– Natural Ways To Deal With Anxiety That Causes Insomnia – 807 Words
– How Nightly Rituals Can Help Insomnia In Natural Ways – 830 Words
– Acupuncture For The Treatment Of Insomnia – 775 Words
– 10 Natural Ways To Deal With Insomnia – 834 Words
– Using Hypnosis For Insomnia – 637 Words
– Can Meditation Help Your Insomnia? – 716 words
– How Yoga Helps Insomnia And The Best Poses – 848 Words
(Word and Text formats)

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