Best Apps To Manage Social Media Campaigns For Bloggers

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If you are a serious blogger who manages a variety of different social media campaigns it is very important you have some that can help make your job a little easier. Below I am going to share with you 6 of the best apps to manage your social media campaigns.


This particular app you will see being used on quite a few social media networks. The user interface is very easy to use. If you know how to send an email you will be able to use this app. It is great for the bigger social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. However, it can also be integrated with some of the smaller ones as well. You can see a post and post it just like you would do if you were sending an email.

Social Flow

SocialFlow is a very popular app that is used to schedule tweets on twitter. The great thing about this app is it has an optimization algorithm. This algorithm helps you pick the best times to send out your tweets. It will pick the times when it thinks your target audience will be more likely to read your message.


TweetDeck has been around for a few years and is quite popular in the internet marketing niche. It gives you the freedom to manage all of your social media campaigns from one location. You have two options when it comes to using Tweetdeck. You can either install it on your desktop or use it right form your web browser.


This is another great app. One in which I have personally used and like a lot. While it deals mostly with Twitter, it also deals with other social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and more. All you have to do is add your RSS feed and it will automatically update your social media sites based on what your RSS feed. So anytime you update your blog the post will automatically be sent to all of your chosen social media sites.


Of all the apps you will find for bloggers this is probably the most popular. It has quite a few options that allow you to quickly and easily update your social media campaigns. It started out as a twitter app but has expanded to other networks as well. The great thing about this app is it allows you to monitor keywords to see which ones are performing well. You also have the ability to edit a post if you need to.


If you are serious about social media analytics this is the app you need. With it you will be able to measure a variety of different analytics all at one time. You can pick what you want to measure and then have it put into a spreadsheet for easy reviewing. You also have the ability to create graphs and other visualizations. This makes it super easy for you to compare your campaigns and see which ones are performing well. This app is very flexible so you have a lot of options.

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