Benefits of Long Tail Keywords

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During your keyword research, you’ve likely come across some terms that you just don’t understand like “Long tail keywords”, but first let’s talk about where you get various types of keywords. 

The Market – What are the keywords and keyword phrases that define your market?  Are you marketing fishing supplies? Perhaps your market is fly fishers, or bass fishers. Use all the terms in your market that you can in this case they would be: fish, fishing, noodling, hogging — You get the idea.

The Customers – What are the keywords and keyword phrases that define your customer? Don’t forget them because they are who will buy from you. Also, don’t forget to use the acronyms your customer will use. Do spell them out but using industry language will bring you clients who know what product they are looking for.

The Product — What are the keywords and keyword phrases that define your product? Every product has keywords that can be used to locate the product. Find out what yours are. Naturally you must know what your product is first to come up with these words.

The movers and shakers – Find out who the movers and shakers are in your niche and industry. You can mention them in your blog posts, and even perhaps get them to comment, write a forward in your eBook, or even provide guest blog posts! If you’re brave enough, just mentioning a mover and shaker in your niche can bring a lot of traffic your way.

The competition – Always take a look at the competition and know what keywords they are using to convert sales as well as know what they’re doing that doesn’t work. You can always improve on something even if you can’t compete on price. Are they in the press a lot, why, who is covering them? Can you get them to cover your business?

The location – Don’t forget your location when choosing keywords. Every page of your site should have your information in the footer at least. Business name, URL, contact information and location should be included.

Complementary – Don’t forget sites and people who sell items complementary to yours. These are excellent businesses to do a blog tour with, provide guest blog posts, articles, advertise with, and vice versa.

So now, what in the world are “long tail keywords” – They are simply keywords with three to five words. In other words, it is a three to five word keyword phrase. While they are very specific and draw less traffic than some more common keywords typically the traffic they draw is much more focused, targeted, and thought out. They are more likely to buy from you and use your services. The only way you can find a long tail keyword phrase is to research possible phrases or use a keyword took to find them.

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