Overview Of Various Keyword Softwares

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There are many keyword research tools to be found these days, here is an overview of just five of them. You can do a Google Search on “Keyword Research Tools” and see how many you can find. It doesn’t hurt to try them during the free trial to see how you feel and you don’t have to keep them forever if you’re not a huge affiliate marketer. But definitely give some of them a try.

Google Keyword Tool

You really can’t complain about this research tool because Google provides it free. It is part of Google Adwords so you will get better functionality if you sign up for a Google Adwords account. Signing up is free and there is no reason why you have to place Google Ads, but you can use it to find high demand, low supply keywords as well as high demand and low competition keywords.

Wordtracker Keyword Tool

This cost about $60 to $70 per month to use but the people who use it swear by it. Of course you can sign up for an affiliate program like most of the paid search tools we are talking about here so take reviews with a grain of salt. It offers a free trial so do try it and if you feel it’s worth it pay the fee, you can cancel anytime. It’s convenient to use since there is nothing to download and its web based. You also get some training in the form of articles, case studies, and a keyword guide to help you.
Market Samurai Keyword Tool – This keyword research tool helps you find profitable keywords in your niche. They usually have a free trial so you can see how it works, and they have training videos too. It is a download to your computer. While it’s a bit pricey in some ways the results do provide high traffic if you follow the directions on how to use it. The fact that, like Wordtracker you get training for your money makes it worth it.


Free keyword tool to use to search for supply and demand for keywords that have to do with stock photography. For instance, say that you have a picture of melons that you want to sell but you need good keywords you can use the tool for that. You can also find under supplied items that people are searching for that might give you an entirely new niche.


With Wordze you get multiple tools at once when you sign up for membership. Their website looks awesome and the membership goes off without a hitch. They have a snazzy members’ area where you can do quite a few things. There are actually several tools like a Meta Search Tool, Word rank Tool, AdWord Spy, Search Trends, Keyword Density tool and more. You won’t believe it when you sign up. You can choose from different levels for various prices from $39 to $70 a month. You can cancel anytime.


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